Celebrating 80 Years

Downsizing Made Easy

Ease the stress of downsizing.
For over 80 years, Curran Miller has provided the tri-state a “total transition.” Sell your home furnishings, vehicles and real estate quickly with Curran Miller. 
Sell your personal property with Curran Miller!
  • Curran Miller online auctions provide an unparalleled platform to sell your personal property.
  • We provide a buyer base of over 300,000 registered bidders.  Your items will receive maximum exposure to potential buyers.
  • Today’s bidders have a desire to buy online. 
  • Your personal property can be quickly cataloged, sold and cleared from your home.
Sell your real estate with Curran Miller!
Curran Miller is known for auctions, but we also offer private listings!  As both licensed auctioneers and real estate agents, we are equipped to handle your real estate and provide the absolute best option for selling your home. 
Auction Advantages
  • Seller sets the date and time their real estate will sell.
  • Seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale.
  • Competition is created among buyers.
  • No limit on sales price.
  • No risk of overpricing.
  • No lengthy negotiations.
  • Property is sold “As-Is”
  • No home inspection contingencies.
  • No financing contingencies.
  • Accelerated sales cycle.
  • Significant earnest money deposit required.
  • No inconvenient or unscheduled showings.
  • Transparency of transaction.
Auctions are Best For:
  • Unique real estate.
  • Time sensitive situations.
  • Real estate that is in high demand and limited supply.
  • Agricultural land.
  • Real estate that can be offered in tracts.
  • Properties that don’t have comparable sales.
  • Real estate with acreage.
Private Listings
  • Potentially higher sales price due to longer listing period.
  • Home inspection process is appealing to many buyers.
  • Low earnest money deposit requirements.
  • More financing options.
  • Perceived by public to be typical method of sale.
  • MLS friendly.
Best For:
  • Real estate that has an easily identifiable listing price.
  • Real estate with numerous comparable sales.
  • Homes in subdivisions.
  • Situations that aren’t time sensitive.
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